Gathering 2015 Presentation Information


Presentation Information

Everyone who plans to attend is invited and encouraged to give a twelve minute presentation (including Q&A) on one specific topic that the group might find helpful. (Think TED talk when planning your presentation.) There are not many limits on topics, but here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Key takeaways from a book you’ve read related to adult education/spiritual formation
  • A curriculum/lesson series you helped facilitate
  • A key philosophical/methodological shift you recently made, and how it played out in your ministry (e.g., new way to organize classes, new teaching structure, etc.)
  • A way you help train and develop teachers
  • Out-of-the-box ideas you use to increase learning or make your classes engaging

Total length, including time for Q&A, should be twelve minutes. We will strictly adhere to this time so that all participants have their allotted time.

By March 25, we need to know about your presentation. Send in a title along with a one sentence description (can be a statement or a question) to accompany it. Use the contact form below to send that in, or email it to Josh directly.

A/V Info

The event will provide the following for you:

  • A projector, speakers, and screen
  • VGA, 3.5mm (headphone size) audio, and HDMI cables. These cables will be long enough to reach to the speaker podium, so you will be able to run your presentation without a remote if you prefer.
  • Adapters for thunderbolt, 30-pin, and 15-pin (lightning) Apple hookups (so you can use your Macbook, iPad, or other device with these hookups to present)
  • An available electrical plug for your device

We ask that YOU provide the following:

  • Your own laptop or tablet to present. You’ll just step up and plug in. You can be setting up as the previous presenter is engaging in Q&A with the group. This ensures that the presentation you create shows up like you want, instead of transferring it to another machine which might format it differently.
  • If this doesn’t work for you, let us know. If you don’t have or don’t want to bring a laptop or tablet, we will have one there for you to use. It will work best for you to email your presentation ahead of time (even just a day ahead) so it can be loaded and ready. Alternately, you can bring a thumb drive to load it on-site.

Important note: the screen and projector will be setup to run widescreen (16:9) ratio. If you’re building your presentation in PowerPoint, then before you start putting content on your slides, click the “design” tab, then “slide size,” and change it to 16:9. If you’re using previously created slides, click here for some advice on easily converting them to look good on a wide screen. Keynote and Prezi have similar widescreen capabilities.


Click here for the contact form.